What's exciting about Decentraland's 3rd Metaworld Art Week?

Molly Babeh

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Dec 13, 2021
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The event will be split into three parts: a contest, a showcase, and a workshop. The contest will take place from March 4th to March 10th, where artists will submit their 3D creations for consideration by Decentraland’s jury. On March 11th, winners of each category will be announced and prizes awarded. On March 12th, winners and finalists will present their work at an art show at EDGE Gallery in Santa Monica while on March 13th they’ll have a chance to participate in workshops at MOCA Grand Avenue.

The Decentraland team is ecstatic to announce the third Metaverse Art Week, a global art event that highlights the evolution of the metaverse and human-nature relationships. In this event, Decentraland will explore how virtual reality changes our understanding of nature and how we experience it in its many forms. The first week of Metaverse Art Week will look at different types of natural environments such as caves, forests, and jungles.

This year’s event will also focus on exploring how blockchain technology can be used to create sustainable ecosystems for humans and the environment, especially in a world where we are becoming more dependent on technologies in all aspects of life.

Decentraland just announced the upcoming Metaverse Art Week, where creatives can showcase their work and receive feedback. Sign up now and explore new opportunities! For this year's art week, the theme is going to be "The World is Made of Code". "The work on display at the event touch on the connections between man and nature, as well as how such relationships evolve in our digital age.

Different events will be happening at Decentraland, including physical exhibitions and art design. Art Week is one of the many events that will be coming up during our Art Week. OpenSea and SuperRare are also contributing by exhibiting some of their best work from last year.

This year, more exhibitors and speakers will be in attendance at the conference, with Cash Labs and Estee Lauder being notable attendees. Cash Labs is bringing mixed media pieces from top NFT creators like Damien Hirst and Justin Aversan to show off their medium. The Estee Lauder brand is also attending with a few of their web projects on display to showcase the future of beauty.

But more than just doing a talk, I wanted to explore the development of democratized creativity in virtual worlds like the metaverse. Let’s discuss the subject of democratized creativity in virtual worlds like the metaverse. What is it? Democratic creativity is a process to create and share new works of art that are meaningful, but not valuable enough to have any commercial value. It's also a process for people without access to traditional resources such as museums or galleries to express.

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