What Metaverse can offer to future generations?

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Dec 13, 2021
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7 ways Metaverse will change the world in the future​

1. Participating in sports and fitness​

You can connect your exercise bike from the physical world to your computer, join the Metaverse and race in the Tour de France. Or compete at TVH Usain Bolt. Will Metaverse make football arenas obsolete since people can attend matches in Metaverse? Who knows! Only time will tell. How about working out with a personal trainer? Schedule an appointment and meet up in Metaverse. You will no longer have to schedule time to meet at the gym. And no more bothering with jerks at the gym lowering the weights or breathing down your neck while you complete your rep. We're talking about the freedom to exercise effectively without leaving your living room. Everything will be taken care of and fully arranged by Metaverse. How does Metaverse work? Metaverse uses an advanced neural network-based algorithm that can reproduce any universe, machine learning and AI to map out your brain functions and convert them into a digital environment. This enables people to create a virtual avatar of themselves or connect with others in different avatars. You can use Metaverse for all sorts of activities such as chat, play shooting game, sing,...etc


2. Working in the Metaverse​

One aspect of the work that Metaverse will impact is that people in the same company can be distributed and “spread” globally. And they'll be able to meet in the Metaverse to brainstorm on a higher level of creativity to tackle the thorny issue. Super inverse will make interactions between people much friendlier and more connected than in the 2D internet world. Facetime or Google Meet is an ideal way to ensure you don't miss out on important in-person contact. The corporate hierarchy will be set aside so that everyone, regardless of their position in the company, will have an equal footing in a corporate composite environment to showcase their individual talents. The creativity of individuals will be exploited more easily and effectively. Metaverse will literally serve as a platform to push corporate boundaries, build creative and highly innovative teams. 'Metaverse will push corporate boundaries, build creative and highly innovative teams.'Q. What is the future of Metaverse in terms of imagination? What kind of things do you believe will be possible once it becomes mainstream? The future possibilities are endless! With such a versatile platform there's bound to be many interesting consequences.


3. Education in the Metaverse​

The educational structure will be completely changed. Students may or may not choose to attend universities in the physical world. Instead, they can take virtual college classes in the Metaverse, including studying the Roman Empire. In a Metaverse classroom, you can have a completely immersive experience. You can truly step into the time of the Roman Empire and experience life as the ancients lived. So those lucky kids won't have to sit through a boring lecture in a few decades. Similarly, if one wants to learn Relativity, one only needs to sign up for a class taught by Albert Einstein in the Metaverse.


4. Cryptocurrencies help Metaverse work “smoothly”​

Cryptocurrencies allow the transfer of digital assets. It is 100% virtual currency and will likely replace all other currencies. In the Metaverse, digital currencies will be used in place of standard physical currencies and even credit cards. Cryptocurrencies will become the most convenient tool of all time for exchanging currencies for goods and services. Systems like Blockchain keep everyone in a particular cryptocurrency network honest. Phishing the system is almost impossible and impersonal here. All transactions are open and traceable.

The advantage of cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized. All transactions are recorded on a digital ledger, and everyone in a given network has a copy of that ledger. This eliminates the need for middlemen - banks. International payments can be made instantly. With banks, it takes longer. There are no spending limits other than the balance in your crypto wallet, no exchange rates and no interest. Tokens can represent anything from physical goods to digital goods. This is the next generation of all world currencies and you might want to start thinking about what it is and how does it work?


5. Metaverse will kill the Internet 2D​

The 2D internet that we all use today will be replaced by the fully immersive, 3D digital world internet. Metaverse will change the way we learn, the way we make a living, and the way we connect with each other, much like the arrival of the 2D internet in 1995. The game platform Fortnite has attracted 350 million gamers in just three five. These gamers alone are spending three billion hours a month in virtual reality. They are driving the development of the Metaverse like a locomotive plunging down the railroad tracks.


6. Store opening at Metaverse​

With Metaverse, users can “walk into” a huge virtual shopping mall, experience by as many people as the virtual space can fit, buy a single digital item and then sell the same item. digital goods a few weeks later inside a completely different virtual world. In Metaverse, you'll be able to place the item in your digital reality home to see what it looks like before actually buying it and shipping it to your physical address.


7. Travel and Connect through the Metaverse​

If you love to travel but have never done it and using Metaverse you will be able to travel anywhere, meet new and interesting people, and even interact with them and the local environment. You will no longer be confined by space and time. Imagine the Maldives beach right in front of your eyes or the crabs and shrimp waiting for you to eat it, isn't it happy? Of course, you will have to pay for travel or various services, and that's where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin come into play. You'll even be able to socialize in the Metaverse. With Metaverse one can literally date online.


Think of the Metaverse as a planet, or more so, a universe with no limits and no owner but a fertile land rich in untapped resources. But digital sovereignty will first need to be sorted out. Who will control the Metaverse and set the parameters to participate in it? Do we want to know? Recently, Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook's name to Meta. In doing so, Zuckerberg is essentially planting his flag in the Metaverse. This is no different from the explorers who used to plant flags at the north and south poles to claim sovereignty over them.​

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Jun 15, 2022
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Hi @Molly Babeh

I am surprised to see this as I have explained recently in blog regarding the business use-cases of Metaverse in detail. Hope you will like it. I feel confused to share the blog link here since I am new here(account ban may happen). I sent you the link in your inbox. Share your thoughts on that. If you like it share here.