Virtual reality and augmented reality games

Molly Babeh

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Dec 13, 2021
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The world of gaming has never been more immersive. With virtual reality, gamers feel like they're in the game with a headset and special controllers. With augmented reality, users can play games on the surface of their desk or table. The effect can be similar to holding up a holographic creature in front of its face.

Virtual reality brings comprehensive content innovation opportunities to many fields. The game industry for entertainment for event communication, and product marketing. Virtual reality games are the most creative, groundbreaking, and attractive choice

  1. VR game: Breakthrough for personal experience
    The outstanding feature of VR games is to immerse players in 3D space. Separated from the real space outside, it should bring players excitement, novelty, and a great feeling that traditional games cannot do. Virtual reality games make a breakthrough because they make a difference, the appeal of the game is also the trend of new technology, making people pay more attention, and the level of spread is stronger. Serving the needs of personal experience is also the goal of the Event Communication industry.
  2. From serving personal needs to dominating the event media industry
    Thanks to that feature, today's event media companies always prioritize using VR games to create attention, attract participants, and experience their products and services. The entertainment industry also has the opportunity to innovate, enrich content, meet the needs of customers' choices, and generate new revenue.
  3. AR game: Breakthrough the way to play anytime, anywhere
    The need to play entertainment games anytime, anywhere, the majority do not concentrate in one place. Augmented reality games also promptly meet that need to serve people who are busy with work, study, and travel. Play augmented reality games in your free time when you want to relax and relieve stress. AR augmented reality game is a suitable choice. The birth of Pokemon go has created a great buzz for the gaming industry, marking the emergence of a new entertainment genre that is more attractive, which is the augmented reality game, also known as the AR Game.
    The augmented reality game allows players to experience the real world. AR technology locates players and game characters by GPS positioning, thereby creating a new way of playing more interesting, stimulating curiosity with new game genres. Compared with virtual reality games and VR games, augmented reality games are deployed on SmartPhone devices, simple, easy to access, anywhere, anytime.
  4. Enhanced connection and better interaction thanks to social networks
    VR game players, and AR augmented reality is even more exciting when combined with social networks. Exchange, exchange and connect easily and quickly. Jobs make boom faster than other games.
    This is seen as an opportunity to innovate Event Communication to keep up with technology trends. Virtual reality game VR aims to convey the message of the project accurately to many people. An important factor in the success or failure of Event Communication projects in the current new era.
  5. Trending and Popularity
    Pokemon go is the first AR game to create a widespread, quickly thanks to the novelty. The most successful first augmented reality game.
    Players can interact directly with the character in the game, through the screen. Augmented reality games give gaming more new options, Virtual reality technology is the basis for game makers, media companies to invest, innovate content, improve their efficiency and services.

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