Top 5 potential Metaverse coins with the highest market capitalization 2022

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Dec 13, 2021
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Enjin Coin (ENJ)​

Those of you who have participated in ICOs since 2017 can't help but know about the Enjin Coin project, which is a platform built on Ethereum that was established in 2009. We’re here to support the gaming industry with our blockchain-based solutions. Our purpose is to optimize for NFT games and the whole NFT ecosystem in general. To date, we have supported 55 developers and their games.

NFTs and the metaverse have been around for a while. Naturally, projects such as Enjin Coin emerged, which is a blockchain-based platform for creating online game communities that aren't just limited to gaming.


Enjin Coin is the first Gaming Token in Japan

Enjin is also used for crafting NFTs, with The Six Dragons being a very popular example. This is an option for players in order to create unique items on the blockchain in exchange for tokens. To participate, you need to exchange your precious items.


The Six Dragons is a game developed by Enjin Coin​

Enjin has supported 1.14 billion USD worth of blockchain assets across multiple projects. Holders can either swap their items for ENJ tokens or exchange them on the Enjin Marketplace.

Some standout numbers:

  • Market Cap: $1,861,580,316
  • The period from the beginning of the year to about April 2021 has started to see the NFT wave, ENJ trading volume has increased continuously, peaking at more than 3,000% in price from $0.1 to $4. In addition, this growth is due to the increasing number of NFT traders in the Metaverse Games, leading to a sharp increase in trading demand.

The Sandbox (SAND)​

Sandbox is a decentralized virtual reality platform designed on the Ethereum platform by the gamestudio Pixowl development team and released in 2012.

Similar to other NFT Play-To-Earn games, Sandbox allows players to transform into characters, trade and sell items (vehicles, dragons, ...) on NFT LAND. In another concept, Sandbox is also an ecosystem where anyone can create, share and monetize assets inside the game (asset trading).

Specifically, Sandbox is an ecosystem for Players and Creators including:

VoxEdit: ASSETS voxel creation software.

Marketplace: A place to buy and sell the collected ASSETS.

Game Maker: Allows users to create games to build their own virtual world (Metaverse) & collect resources, rewards, tokens inside.

Sandbox is a Metaverse game where players can participate in many games with just one character. Players need to own at least 2 Avatar (Character) and Land (Land). The characters in the game will represent players to participate in virtual space and buy land, raise pets, buy weapons, accessories, ...


Sandbox is an ecosystem for players and creators which includes multiple features, such as the ability to upload content to other players' worlds.

  • VoxEdit: ASSETS voxel creation software.
  • Marketplace: A place to buy and sell the collected ASSETS.
  • Game Maker: Allows users to create games to build their own virtual world (Metaverse) & collect resources, rewards, tokens inside it.
"Sandbox" is a game of exploration where you can play many sorts of games just by signing up with one character. You need to buy 2 avatars and 1 land. Your Avatar will represent you in virtual space while Land is where your pets live & weapons can be stored safely.


The Sandbox's Gaming Ecosystem​

Sandbox continuously launched events to the community last July with diverse genres such as Music Festival NFT Collection, Land Sale Wave 5, Game Jam 5, Liquidity Rewards, Voxedit Pool Party Contest

Sandbox is a blockchain gaming company that specializes in creating decentralized games. Sandbox's mission is to provide a game-as-a-service experience to players without the necessity of an intermediary, and without transaction fees.Last July, Sandbox continuously launched events to the community with diverse genres in an effort to support the vibrant & growing blockchain gaming and crypto-community. They include Land Sale Wave 5, Game Jam 5, Liquidity Rewards, and Voxedit Pool Party Contest.

The Sandbox holds a unique concept which allows players, creators and investors to participate by earning money in many different ways. Moderately easy liquidity from the Marketplace allows for interaction between players and creators.

Some impressive numbers :

  • Market Cap: $625,939,329.
  • From May to July 2021, SAND made a breakthrough with 1,400 LAND sold in just 15 seconds, earning more than 2.7 million SAND, rank 80 in Gaming segment (according to Dapp Radar). Land price on Sandbox also increased sharply, the highest LAND sold was for 45 ETH (equivalent to $141,165), and SAND also reached ATH (March 2021).


Aavegotchi (GHST)​

Aavegotchi is a Gaming NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain platform combined with Aave's lending mechanism. The project also introduced a new ERC-20 token called “Gotchus Alchemica”, which can be cultivated on REALM land (NFT) similar to Decentraland’s MANA/LAND.

Aavegotchi's game mechanism is quite interesting, you can bring NFTs to participate in mini games, besides, each ERC-721 standard NFT connects to an address containing standard ERC-20 collateral on Aave.Those tokens will yield over time and the total supply of a corresponding ERC-20 that's locked inside an NFT increases, so the more you hold, the higher the value of your NFT will be - it works both ways.


Game Aavegotchi​

When participating in the game, you will play the role of characters, liquidators and collect Alchemica in the Gotchiverse, participate in the battle to earn Alchemica (ERC-20 token).

Players also have the ability to receive airdrops, rewards by some tasks such as referring friends to join. Incarnation, role-playing, task performance is what Aavegotchi brings to players, in addition to the entertainment factor, "Earn" is also highly appreciated.

Some impressive numbers :

  • Market Cap: $125,179,475
  • GHST price peaked at $2.34 (August 14), up more than 300% from the bottom (December 1, 2020). Although the value is not higher than other competitors, but for players who are looking for an attractive Metaverse to spend all day plowing the game without getting bored, Aavegotchi is a suitable choice.


The combination of NFT and Metaverse promises to bring forth many new things, potentially bringing new opportunities to users around the world. In the virtual world, people can freely transact, do whatever they like in an unlimited space.

The above is all information about potential game projects as well as Metaverse coins and has had outstanding achievements in 2021. The article was made by me based on my personal perspectives and some analysis. Synthesized from many different research sources, you can refer to: Nasdaq, Coindesk, Medium, Forbes.

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