Minecraftly Season 2


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Apr 8, 2015
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Hi Guys,
As You may know that I am a YouTuber and with the great success of my first season in Minecraftly, I have planned to make 2nd season. This is a great way to introduce new members to the great community this brings. I have planned to call the Second series, Minecraftly: The Survival Begins! So I do the recording and the credit goes towards the server.
Here is a link to my New Channel; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChT_2hT0LhMXyYL77uqFIkg
I will send the link to my Preview to the Minecraftly Season 2;
Questions and Answers
Why am I making a Second Series?

I get this question a lot, I am Recording because since the loss of my original channel to my Brother for his videos, I made a new one where I record with one that is less lag, as many of you know that my First series that it had many lag and it was difficult to watch. So I have ran out of ideas on what to record, I thought it would be nice to record for a Second Series.
Why is the Season called, Minecraftly: The Survival Begins?
I can answer this with my knowledge, in my first series I did not do anything to be survival. So I have been assigned my cousins, "If you do a second series, do one about survival, isn't that what Minecraftly is all about." So with that advise I took of all my Diamond armour off and Placed on my leather armour. So there is a certain that there will be a 3rd season called Minecraftly: The Ending of Journey. So This is why I made the name and I am proud of this name.
Thank You for reading this Thread,