Metaverse World - Science Fiction or Dream Coming True?

Molly Babeh

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Dec 13, 2021
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Work and shop online​

Working from home can progress to the point where you can recreate a virtual office in your own home or create a digital space to permanently house your office there. In addition, you can attend important meetings with a neat avatar representing you, while wearing shorts and slippers sitting behind a computer screen.

Online shopping can also take on a whole new meaning. Even today, clothing brands like Balenciaga and Gucci have partnered with Fortnite and Roblox to launch clothing collections for in-game avatars. We are seeing new forms of fashion appear in our lives.

Building the Metaverse - a futuristic idea?​

Building Metaverse will require a multitude of new technologies, protocols, companies, innovations, and discoveries. Currently, there is no technology that allows hundreds, let alone millions of people to participate in a synchronized experience at the same time. Not only did Metaverse require infrastructure that currently doesn't exist, the Internet was also never designed to do anything close to this experience.

Most of the Internet's underlying systems revolve around a server that "talks" to another server or end-user device.

Example: There are billions of people on Facebook today, but each user shares a personal connection with Facebook servers, not with other users. Specifically, when you access content from another user, you're really just getting the latest information Facebook gives you.

The Internet is simply not designed for continuous communication, let alone precise real-time synchronized continuous communication with countless other people.

To function, Metaverse requires something more like video conferencing and video games. These experiences are made possible by connections and continuous updates in real time with high accuracy. However, most video chat programs do not have a high degree of concurrency: if the 50 person limit is reached, they are no longer a two-way connection.


This is part of the reason that the battle royale genre has only been so popular recently, as it wasn't until recently that users were able to play face-to-face with many other users. While some games with a high degree of synchronicity like Second Life or Warcraft have been around for more than twenty years, they essentially faked the experience by "split" and divided users into "worlds". world" and different servers.

For example, technically, Eve Online can have more than 100,000 players at once, but they are divided into different galaxies. Thus, a player only actually sees or interacts with a small number of other players at a particular time.

Also, when the player travels to another galaxy, they must disconnect from one server and load another (the game "hides" this by forcing the player to jump at the speed of light to across large spaces). And if the battles have hundreds of users fighting each other, the system will slow down.


Several companies are working hard to solve this problem of creating a synchronous experience in real time for millions of users. Without a solution to this problem, it is possible that the Metaverse will remain just a concept that belongs to the future.

Harsh reality without VR glasses​

The growth of the Metaverse is raising concerns about how people - especially children - are increasingly moving away from real life. A German study published by DAK-Gesundheit found that the use of social networks and video games among children aged 12-17 has increased by at least 60% in 2020 compared to 2019. Now with Metaverse, everything is not only encapsulated in a screen, but will expand into a world.

Tatsu - a mother of two - has made a successful career in the digital space, insisting that her children need to spend as much time as possible in the real world.

“For humans, being with people in real life is very important. I think as kids grow up in cyberspace, the more they have to have the means to interact with the real world - smell flowers, walk, chat face-to-face with friends and play ball. While we can simulate these experiences in a digital environment, they are not the same,” she said.

But there's more to worry about than spending a lot of time online. If Metaverse is essentially an extension of the existing Internet, then we have a ton of unresolved problems online - hacking, fake news, harassment, inflammatory language... These are the dangerous foundation bricks that Metaverse is being built on.

"It's important to realize that there are five really important problems with the Internet that we haven't solved yet: data rights," says Matthew Ball, author of the forthcoming book The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything. data, data security, radicalization, disinformation and proprietary platforms. If building Metaverse means that we will spend more time, energy, wealth, our existence inside the virtual world, then the above five problems will all become more serious.”

Perhaps this is part of the reason that the Metaverse world in fiction novels, including "Ready Player One" and "Snow Crash", is tinged with gloom.


Ready Player One

“There is no way Metaverse will help solve problems like income inequality, food scarcity, disparities in access to healthcare. None of this stuff you can offer through the Metaverse,” summed up sci-fi writer Ted Chiang.