Instructions for creating an Axie Infinity account

Molly Babeh

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Dec 13, 2021
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Step 1: You visit the homepage of Axie Infinity here, then select PLAY NOW to download the game on the operating system corresponding to your phone (Android, iOS, MacOS).


Axie Infinity homepage​

Step 2: But to play the game, you need to create an account. From step 2 onwards are the steps to create an account.


Sign up for an Axie Infinity account​

Step 3: As shown in the picture, you need to have the following 2 wallets:

  • Metamask: Immediately see the instructions for creating a Metamask wallet.
  • Ronin Wallet: Instructions on how to download and create Ronin Wallet below:
Select “Login with Ronin Wallet”, if you do not have Ronin Wallet, a table asking you to install Ronin Wallet will appear ⇒ You can choose Chrome or Firefox depending on the browser you are using. Here I use Chrome!


Install Ronin Wallet​

Step 4: Select “Add to Chrome” (or “Add-on”) Add Extension


Add Ronin Wallet to Chrome​

After the Ronin Wallet has been installed in Chrome, it will appear like this, select "Get Started"


Select Get Started on Ronin Wallet​

Step 5: There will be 2 options for those who used to have a Ronin Wallet address and don't have one. If not, select “I'm new. Let's get setup!”


Choose the first option if you don't have a Ronin Wallet yet​

Step 6: Enter Ronin Wallet account password to create a new wallet, then click “Create Wallet”


Enter the password twice and select Create Wallet​

Step 7: Ronin Wallet will show Seed Phrase similar to other wallets, you click "Reveal Seed Phrase" and MUST WRITE (and store carefully) these phrases in the correct order for later login again. .

This Seed Phrase will be used to login and restore the Ronin wallet, if you lose the Seed Phrase, it will mean that all assets in your Ronin wallet will be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to store the Seed Phrase carefully


Record and store carefully the Seed Phrase​

Step 8: Enter the above phrases in the correct order


Enter the words in the Seed Phrase in the correct order​

Step 9: This is the message that appears after the above operations are successful


So you have successfully created Ronin Wallet​

Step 10: The Robin Wallet interface on the add-on after creating an account (or logging in later) will be as shown below:


Ronin Wallet interface on Chrome add-on​

Step 11: Go back to the Axie Infinity login page here, and click on “Login with Ronin Wallet”

After logging in with Ronin Wallet, choose "Login with MetaMask"

If you have enabled this page before, then F5 again, otherwise go to another tab to update Ronin Wallet


Log in with Ronin and MetaMask wallets respectively​

Step 12: The system will switch to the interface as shown below, name it as you like


Name your character as you like​

Step 13: Click Show QR code.


Select Show QR Code to log in on your phone

Step 14: Enter the game on your phone, press “SCAN QR CODE” and scan the above code. So we have completed the process of creating an Axie Infinity account


On the phone, Scan the QR Code displayed on the computer​