What is the metaverse?

Viet York

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Dec 6, 2021
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I believe the metaverse isn’t a specific virtual location, contrary to what people say these days. There is high propability that nobody will call it the "metaverse" in a few years. That's like in 1997 people used to call the internet the "information superhighway" and "cyberspace"

Many people believe that "the metaverse" refers to an imaginary, virtual world. But if it's not referring to a place--what could it refer to?

It's not a place, it's a time! A moment in time. You know in artificial intelligence, there's an idea of "the singularity"? It's the moment when AI becomes smarter than humans. The point when artificial intelligence > human intelligence.

The moment the digital world supplants the physical world is called "the metaverse". This isn't an overnight change-it's been happening for 20 years. This isn't an invention by some steve jobs-style innovator it's a gradual, evolutionary process that has been unfolding since the 90s.

The internet brings us everything we need - work is just a click away and we can interact with friends on digital platforms such as Zoom, Twitter and Reddit. Likewise, the internet is also an important platform for playing games such as Fortnite.

Filters are the new makeup. Your stories are your personal billboard to broadcast who you are. What matters more? What you look like in real life or what your Instagram feed looks like? The pic on the left is what they see so it's what matters.

So now that technology has become so advanced, if you project this into the next 10-20 years it makes sense to believe that moving forward there will be a time when humans are no longer heavily focusing on their physical surroundings. Computers have already dropped our focus of physical attention from 85% to 50%. TVs too. If this trend continues, humans will soon no longer have their attention on the physical world. And personally, I’m sure that this trend will continue.

Modern society has become digitalized, and the latest smartphone apps are evidence of this. We spend an increasing amount of our time staring at our phone screens. Therefore, 50% of our energy is given to the digital world; 50% goes to non-digital activities. For example, it takes effort for us to take our phone out in crowded

As soon as someone makes smart glasses that sit in front of our eyes all day, we will go from 50% attention on screens to 90%+. That's the moment in time when the metaverse starts because at that moment, our virtual life will become more important than our real one.

Opinions are divided on the subject, but it's neither good nor bad. It is just what it is. A very different thing.


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Feb 23, 2022
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Yes, I completely agree with you, @Viet, because in a few years, our planet will be a virtual world, and animation will play a significant role in human life. Also, when you talk about virtual and physical life, I admire your level of thinking. You are correct in saying that humans will spend more time in the virtual world in the future than they will in the physical world. But I don't believe this is the world we require; while I recognize that technology has altered our lives, I believe this reality is more lovely than the virtual world. This is my opinion.
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