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    Lost ALL Ranks

    Hello, i am here to inform you that i am once again having trouble with your server. But also, now my friend is. My friend's username is Babejay and she has lost her Ultimate/MEOW Rank when she had not completed the 3 month period. I would like you to please give her another 3 month...
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    Cant Log On Or Find Server!!!

    I Cant Connect to the server with both of the addresses and I don't know why
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    I have Been revoked from my own plot and it took Months and months to build it. I am more than furious I am also very upset that I have literally Lost EVERYTHING!!! that I have done for 4 months, please please give me my plot back, please, My old username was JackGille45, Now Its Jack_g45...
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    No Permissions

    Hello, I have rented a plot and I Can't open the chests anymore after a 2 minute break. Please Fix Immediately. My username is JackGille45. as a result of this i would like to get compensation in diamonds. please
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    It is VERY Upsetting that MINECRAFTLY SERVER has made a 10 000 by 10 000 border and now I cannot get to my house which I worked a long time on. IT IS VERY UPSETTING TO FIND THAT ALL MY STUFF I CANT GET TO BECAUSE I GET AUTOMATICALLY KILLED WHEN I USE THE /HOME COMMAND. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK...
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