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    Spawn Perms.

    sry you can delete this post now :p
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    please hear me out

    please i really dont mean to be rude in this thread but sorry if i do. (im kinda going mental here, so hear me out. also, please dont lock the thread each time we want to talk about the old server.) so. i just posted something about the map on the old sever, and you replied, "I'm sorry to say...
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    lol the map?!

    lol. the map? you think we want the map? the map? the map? the. map? lol.. lol.. the map lol we. dont. care. about. the. map. we. want. a. place. to. see. our. friends. and. not. cry. in. a. hole. because. we. think. we're. nothing. lol...
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    Hello! I just wanted to say that recently in spawn "spots" have been added. With signs that say the player's name with a block. This has recently caused problems and arguments. I am asking that if it is possible you remove them, as I think the arguments/complaining will conclude. Thanks! -GlueyPasta
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    Hello! There is a player who's IGN is Zyger, which you can't say because he made it a cuss, who is threatening people, hacking, shutting down the server, ect. I was hoping you could do something about this. He is also scaring some people and making them quit. He is saying he knows where people...
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    Can't Log on to mly

    Hi! I just wanted to inform you that I cannot log onto When I try to go on it, it says "Connection reset by peer." Thanks for your time.
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