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    Server growth, moving forward, dealing with abuse

    Looks awesome, Orange!
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    Welcome Eli to this private section!

    Heyo Eli! Welcome
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    Criteria for Staff Consideration

    EVERYONE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EDIT THIS AT YOUR OWN WILL DRAFT: Here at Minecraftly, we value professionalism and a strong sense of community as our top priorities to both our customer and those on our staff. In order to obtain a place within our team, we ask that potential candidates please...
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    Minecraft Download & Installation Tutorial

    Finished, adding to wiki.
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    Plugin Framework

    Looks good
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    Minecraft Download & Installation Tutorial

    For All Users: To begin the process of obtaining minecraft, visit In the upper right hand corner of the page, click the orange "Get Minecraft" button. The price of minecraft is $26.95 (€24.11). If you haven't already, click "Register" on the left where it says "Login or...
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    /free editing

    GRAMMAR-SAVVY DRAFT. Can add more as needed <MCPH Graphic w/ link> Get 25% off a server for as low as $1.87 by clicking the image above! ♥ WANT FREE FLY & GIVEAWAYS? ♥ Reply to this page with your Minecraft username. Type the command /fly to turn on fly mode. You will be entered into a...
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    Subdomain Update

    If you do not yet own or want to start Minecraft server, be sure to visit our exclusive and highly experienced partner, McProHosting, to get your own server for as low as $1.87 using the discount code MINECRAFTLY (for up to 25% off!). <MCPH LOGO CENTERED W/ GRAPHIC > What is a subdomain name...
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    MCPH Updated

    Why McProHosting? McProHosting is the most experienced provider in the Minecraft hosting market, delivering quality, reliable and easy to setup Minecraft servers and hosting experiences. They are a globally recognized brand name and we are beyond excited to be partnered with them in order to...
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    How to trade and post trade requests

    Though I agree that scamming is a double-edged blade, perhaps you should try contacting a staff member using the contact tab ( to resolve the issue rather than resort to their level
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    December updates and improvement plan.

    Remember that the world border, though it may seem a setback, is a big step forward! Many servers have uncontrollable lag due to the fact that one person decides to go 40 million blocks away and ruin it for everyone. This way, minecraftly can continue its signature no-lag policy and deliver a...
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    My Custom Skins (123jack54)

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    Hello all! I'm Mallace

    Hi Everyone! My name is Mallace and I love minecraft and all of its amenities. Building, sharing, throwing in-game parties, and chatting are personal favorites. Contact me anytime!