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    please hear me out

    My little bro told me he couldn't get on emlee(Mly). So first thing I did was come here, you and a couple others posting about no hub. Okay, hey no I don't like the server. Don't get me wrong, I do have quite the dislike for the server, but for it to be just put down isn't right. All the work...
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    PvP Gods tournament

    Everyone with OP gear will be able to be in. Minimum req. 1 set of ProtIVUnBIII Diamond armour. SharpV sword or axe. Everything goes, pots, gapples, /killall's. Winner gets 1 Uncooked Chicken. All losers get $50,000 in their /balance and 2 stacks of gapples. Yes this post is a joke. No I don't...
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    Can't join server.

    I was kicked for apparent "spawn killing" (which is a pretty dumb name to give it) still in combat, get locked out of server by "PvP Logging" and not able to join until death, after I die, try to join server, get kicked from server by "remote host". Still in death, try again, "server closed by...
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    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    Platofrm. Feel free to delete this comment.
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    Polls: Do you want more ranks?

    With these rank names already given, I don't see how they even relate or add up to the current "MEOW". If they were to relate, I'd go: P1-Squeak [Rabbit or Mouse] <----These are all used as pets. P2-Sssss [Snake] <-------------------They can be switched (this is probably a stupid rank name, I...