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  1. Viet York

    How Lectron protects the metaverse from DDoS attacks

    Short description: Protecting and accelerating the massively real time multiplayer metaverse Long Description: Lectron protects the real time multiplayer metaverse from DDoS attacks. Current enterprise solutions take weeks to set up real time applications against DDoS, and they are not...
  2. Viet York

    VRT Center Progress

    Coming soon in July!
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    What is the metaverse?

  5. Viet York

    Web3 and Metaverse Keywords for the Meta Future

    This is recently published here:
  6. Viet York

    Example 3D asset posts

    These are example posts "Hello, Are you a quality 3D modeler looking for work? I am the CEO @ Lectron and we are looking for a professional modeler to create unique and high quality models to represent our NFTs (lots of penguins especially!). We need someone to make a large amount of models in...
  7. Viet York

    Lectron Writing Services

    Discord: Twitter:
  8. Viet York domain for sale for sale, give me offers, BIN is $12000 right now. Used to be a very popular server in like 2014, its still cool. There were a few low ball offers of $5k $7k but I'm not interested. Potential name fit: Meticulously Mc Holly Mc Farly Mc Kinley Mc Grizzly Mc...
  9. Viet York

    Hyperscale Minecraft Server Blueprint

    After 7 years, this is still relevant to this day. Going to circle back and use this blueprint to develop something for Lecverse
  10. Viet York

    Basic Metaverse Networking - What is TCP and UDP in metaverse network protocols?

    Real time multiplayer metaverse relies on both TCP and UDP internet protocols to deliver fast and reliable data traffic. Let's break it down a bit to understand the core concept: This is an animated video that teaches you about the Transmission Control Protocol vs User Datagram Protocol. TCP...
  11. Viet York

    CAPTCHA’s Fail to Scale

    originally written by Molly Holzschlag: CAPTCHA is a failure of everything embraced by Open Web thinkers. While I do not blame @GlobalDelight who make great sofware, perhaps this CAPTCHA generated on their site will bring wider-spread awareness as to the social distress, user experience...
  12. Viet York

    Wizania Trailer

    @Molly Babeh made the video trailer for Wizania, looking forward to what's in store o_O "Wizardz BSC Wizania, home of the wizardz, is a metaverse attached to the Binance blockchain. The auto-reflection function will redistribute $Wizardz to holders on every transaction. Wizardz token holders...
  13. Viet York

    My idea for Mollyverse in 2017

    This is the excerpt for my idea for a gaming "community of communities" in 2017, when I applied to YCombinator (the idea was called Emily Labs back then): "Innovative gaming community. We help passionate individuals like you grow your Gaming, eSports & VR communities & products. We are aware...
  14. Viet York

    Official Support FAQs

    Hi, If you are reading this thread it means that you have emailed support with a question that has a standard resolution or response. Please read below to find the answer to your query. <Not in English> Your support ticket was not in English. Please create a new ticket with an English request...
  15. Viet York

    The World Economic Forum is worried about safety in the Metaverse for Children

    The World Economic Forum Is Worried About Safety in the Metaverse for Children They are discussing the potential risks and how to protect people's privacy. The World Economic Forum is an international nonprofit organization that promotes global economic growth, competitiveness, and social...
  16. Viet York

    What is the best blockchain for NFTs?

    Why is NFT development primarily on Ethereum? Ethereum is the leading blockchain when it comes to both NFTs and token issuance. Average ERC-20 tokens cost more than competitors and, as a result, digital creators love Ethereum. Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that...
  17. Viet York

    12 Ideas To Make Money In Metaverse.

    12 Ideas To Make Money In Metaverse 1. It's no longer just about playing games - you can also make money from the service. You can choose to play virtual poker for tokens that have real-world value, or you could even build games for others to enjoy and make money from this. It's no longer...
  18. Viet York

    The Metaverse - A World Beyond…

    (the image above is from Bandai Namco's Gundam metaverse) The Metaverse is a series of virtual worlds that are interconnected and accessible through the internet. The term was originally coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, where it is used as a metaphor for the internet. In...
  19. Viet York

    VRTown commissioned images - May 22 2022

    Here's our 3D work for, a open creative flat world that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a platform for content creators, developers, and end-users to interact with one another and share content in a world that is shaped by their own creativity. With everything...
  20. Viet York

    About Molly E. Holzschlag - The Original Owner of the Domain Name

    "If Tim-Berners-Lee is the Father of the Web, Molly Holzschlag is its fairy godmother." I am happy to call her a friend! @Molly Molly E. Holzschlag has spent a career contributing to various aspects of the Open Web, whether at a W3C Working Group Meeting, on the stage, running an Open Web...
  21. Pixelated Metaverse

    Pixelated Metaverse

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  23. Viet York

    What is the metaverse?

    I believe the metaverse isn’t a specific virtual location, contrary to what people say these days. There is high propability that nobody will call it the "metaverse" in a few years. That's like in 1997 people used to call the internet the "information superhighway" and "cyberspace" Many people...
  24. Viet York

    Welcome to Mollyverse!

    Hey stranger! I’m Viet York and I’m a Vietnamese living in New York City. I love building building communities, marketing, reading, philosophy and building interesting products. I advocate for internet users who are early into the concept of metaverse. That includes the concept and underlying...