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    I can't get into the Nether

    Access to the nether requires a rank now to get in but that kinda counteracts because only one rank can be bought now but it could change in the future.
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    Youtube Rank!

    Yeah 15 is way to little I mean I got 10 and I've never uploaded a video in my life lmao I mean I guess it would be alright but it wouldn't have any perks to it.
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    collin5505 to the staff

    Spamming won't get you anywhere and seeing how you reacted to other staff doesn't give you a good chance.
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    I did all in my power to hand it off to higher staff that can actually do stuff like this and give you back your items but I'm afraid I did not get any response either.
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    If you have screenshots of this incident please post them because just taking you're word isn't enough evidence to go on and if you could get her to at least admitting it then we will look into it further but right now there's not much we can do without any proof to show for it Thanks.
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    You're right there not report worthy but thanks for the heads up we will keep a close eye just in case he actually does something.
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    I currently don't have video proof but i am aware that he does have a client on because i have seen him use it and there has been a handful of players that have complained about him and his client shenanigans.
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    Using /heal and what should be done.

    I dont think it should be removed but maybe something along the lines of it cant be done with /pvp on or if your tagged in pvp you cant do it for a minute not like 10 seconds.
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    griefing and claiming plus foul language

    it was brought to my attention that 2 players named cjkempy and grimm_lock griefed and then proceeded to claim the land right next to there's so they could wreck the land and say there building a hole plus they even destroyed and built onto itzshadow_mc's statues and there also using profanity...
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    so im guessing you already know but gwyn tried to kill herself but is okay now but anyway theres a player named catsrock9999 and this isnt the first time iv had problems with her but all she does is curse but i think this is totally brutal after an event like this that she would say this
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    Perm Abuse

    i know were supposed to work as a team but i mean i cant just let this go by because he is the only one on the team that does stuff like this and frankly it bothers me and i don't think the players enjoy it much either but mcghee messes around with spawn a decent amount.the road in general is...
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    Server advertise spamming

    the player with the ign of Broxibear1712 is spamming a server ip at spawn
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    muted and lost spawn perms

    so me and disquality came online today to find out we were muted with no time limit and lost road and spawn perms but its making it really difficult to help or even do simple interactions with players
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    chat spam

    oh and he's pretty cocky and probably right considering the enforcement on the other reports
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    chat spam

    hello there is a player on mly named x_XPheoniX_x that has been spamming the chat lately and i know this isnt the first report against him
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    pvp hacks

    okay thank you oh and i'm sorry but i changed my name again and I think i'm keeping it for good now but if it wouldn't be to much could you change my name to Ghostly
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    pvp hacks

    i uploaded another screen shot of him but it didnt load and he even admitted to using one and telling us what one
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    pvp hacks

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    pvp hacks

    Lol mind the language sorry pvp hacks just get me worked up :cool:
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    pvp hacks

    A player known as Carl05z is using pvp hacks and even admitted to it.
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    all jackson does is scam people on the server with abusing /me

    can you please do something about this not for my sake but for other players he is affecting. thanks
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    Removing perms

    Hi i was wondering if you could remove some perms for me because i can only add them for my plot but can you remove skynet88 Doctordanger Swordpoint Thanks and i wont be able get on because i wont have internet until tomorrow
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    it seems players that join are having problems with nightvision such as it not working at first so i found a way to fix it is just to /nightvision twice because that seems to fix it but i just thought i should let you know just encase. im usually directing the new players with that problem anyway
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    Hey I'm RecordzzHD

    Hey everyone i'm ReCoRdZzHD but you can call me rec for short im fairly new to this server but I assume il be here for awhile because this server is pretty great anyway my favourite thing to do in Minecraft is building mainly houses because thats what im best at but iv been playing Minecraft...