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    Old Server?

    I voted yes .-. Yay lol
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    Old Server?

    Keep the ranks
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    Ok look everyones makeing so many happy memories and there you go throw them away...Don't shut it down your breaking people's hearts mly find another way there a always an alternative don't shut it down...
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    New updates BIG BIG updates

    Want* big*
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    New updates BIG BIG updates

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    New updates BIG BIG updates

    For updates it could be maybe.... new disguises or new ranks MAYBE EVEN GOD WEPONS AND ARMOUR like I'm saying people want updates and new things the God head could be only in mystery crates they would buy like crazy we need but updates it's what we want...
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    Bring the VIP shout and Nick back

    Bring the VIP stuff back because it doesn't make it as much fun this servers dying they all day bring it back please everyone agrees...please do
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    New disguises

    OMG :D YAY
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    New disguises

    I had a idea...we could disguise as herobrine or notch....yes this does sound like it could be a little crazy but it could be cool...I thought that we could add herobrine or notch to the VIP disguises....
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    New Rank idea

    Oh ok then but I would think of be cool to have stuff like this in it...
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    2016! Happy New Year!

    Good job I already know the dark world one it's easy...but keep up the hard work and happy New year!
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    I lost all my statistics :(

    I had like 599 swords skill and I lost every thing swords archery mineing please help me get them back :(
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    New Rank idea

    I just came up with a rank idea: It's called mly Jr which has every command PLUS it's 10 dollars, it also comes with a special ability where you can morph into anything here are some examples... Dog Cat Sheep Cow Notch Herobrine Zombie Ender Dragon baby Ender Dragon Adam Levine Wither Wither...
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    Hi I'm Eli

    I'm a nice clumsy and friendly guy that likes to play video games but can get into trouble sometimes...I'm good at building and social stuff like makeing friends and building houses... although people tend to hate on me and swear, and call me names (ETZIOlonzza especially) people well some...
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    Hi im Eli

    Im just a friendly guy that likes to play MineCraft... :) although not everybody likes me I'm nice unless I get very very very angry....