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    Compromise for Cloud/Server

    Thank you for the suggestion. I like this feature and tried to think of a way to implement it before. But it has to depend on scalability of the system in general :P
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    lol the map?!

    I'm sorry to say but the old server is removed. :( I hate to do it too but we had to do it.
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    Download old world map

    Hi guys, For many reasons, the old survival server has to shut down to make way for the new cloud platform. The truth is, a simple survival server isn't what makes Minecraftly big. A cloud platform is, because it's a way to teach people cloud computing via gaming, bridging the gap between old...
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    Announcement about the old server

    Dear all, We all know that Minecraftly started out as a survival Minecraft server, using a single machine to host the game. As time goes by, the idea of having multiple servers (cloud clusters) were developed and was successful. Today, I have a sad announcement to make. After almost 2 years of...
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    Thank you

    No problem!
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    This is for the use of Slack

    Sure thing!
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    lifetime disappeared

    Hi, could you please let me know your username? Thanks.
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    My Server !!!

    Great to know you got it!
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    vip GONE and Problems

    Thanks for contacting us. I fixed it manually for you!! The automatic system was like that and I fixed that too!
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    Bounty Plugin

    Interesting, I'm looking for a plugin for it. If u have recommendation, pls also lemme know!
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    Spawner Clipping

    Hmm, should I remove /jump?
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    Fly Ability lost again????

    Fixed for ya. Thanks!
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    I don't have Vip rank

    You can buy it in the store :)
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    Leh spammers won't be able to global chat anymore.
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    Global Spammers

    Thanks, I'll disable global chat for them in a few
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    I fixed it for ya! Merry Xmas!
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    Unlimited Issues

    I think I know why. It's waiting for your inventory space to free up. I've reset the command and it'll try again shortly!
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    I lost my rank

    Fixed :D
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    Given! Thanks for letting me know the bug!
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    No worries. I received the payment and will check for ya.
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    Can't join the server

    Does it happen at only a few locations?
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    Can't join the server

    No u r not banned. Its just a problem on our side. Lemme fix that.
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    Minecraftly whats with the thing?

    Maybe you joined the wrong server? Hypixel? Because Hypixel have that exact AFK feature.
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    Minecraftly whats with the thing?

    lol that's weird, I've never heard that before. Can you send some screenshots?
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    It'll be on sale until Jan 3rd, 2016. That's great to hear!
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    Well you are welcome back anytime. You know we can't give you more of the Unlimited rank for free. Since you already canceled the subscriptions 5 months ago and got 5 months for free.
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    Can you please send me the transaction ID from Paypal for the lifetime purchase of $99.99? Unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere in the records. :( If I have that I'll definitely reinstate you the rank back.
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    No it's not a glitch, I checked and saw that she canceled the Meow subscription long time ago. I checked all the ranks today and found that out. She just kinda got it for way longer than supposed to. The player cerealkiller03 bought his/her own troll rank.
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    Hi! That might be a mistake, can you let me know your username to check?
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    Can you trade ranks?

    Yes, I've done it for you!
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    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    I've tagged the lead developer to fix this problem. Thanks for letting us know! @iKeirNez
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    The server randomly cleared my inv. I need help Mly

    Case closed! Thanks for being patient! Everything's given to you!
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    I feel lonely...

    Which server are you currently on?
  34. minecraftly server

    I've exchanged the rank for u! The new server's being improved so that it's less confusing. Anyways, your donation & support are always appreciated. We're building a fund to advertise the server more!
  35. minecraftly server

    Yeah! It's named Unlimited now and covers both server!
  36. minecraftly Isn't letting people join!

    It's fixed :D Thanks for letting me know!
  37. minecraftly server

    Hi, I'm fixing them as we speak :)
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    I think the network got problems today. I'll look into it.
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    Hi, what's your username? It's kinda wierd
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    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    Maybe all you need is a relog :)
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    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    Yeah they are at the wiki: Whitelist commands are being worked on and will be up soon enough. I've tagged @iKeirNez in this post so he's aware of it.
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    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    It will be saved of course! Just different address!
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    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    90% off ALL RANKS & ITEMS during the holidays until January 3rd, 2016. Now with 1 hour FREE TRIAL. Hi guys n gals, It's been a while since I made a big announcement. So here goes what's going on here at Minecraftly: Over the past few months, we've been working hard on developing a brand new...
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    For moderators: When advertising the server, please use the format (username) The curve of ( ) makes the link more beautiful.
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    Can you get me the correct username of the person who ddos the server?
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    The server randomly cleared my inv. I need help Mly

    That's really weird because others don't have that problem. But no worries, please let me know the most important items you lost so I can give them back to you.
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    We've never had any rank named architect. Can you please let me know the time that you bought that rank? (Month, year)? Thanks.
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    Sneak Peek of the award certificate

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    Great quote of the day

    Henry Ford: "The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time."