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    Download old world map

    Hi guys, For many reasons, the old survival server has to shut down to make way for the new cloud platform. The truth is, a simple survival server isn't what makes Minecraftly big. A cloud platform is, because it's a way to teach people cloud computing via gaming, bridging the gap between old...
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    Announcement about the old server

    Dear all, We all know that Minecraftly started out as a survival Minecraft server, using a single machine to host the game. As time goes by, the idea of having multiple servers (cloud clusters) were developed and was successful. Today, I have a sad announcement to make. After almost 2 years of...
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    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    90% off ALL RANKS & ITEMS during the holidays until January 3rd, 2016. Now with 1 hour FREE TRIAL. Hi guys n gals, It's been a while since I made a big announcement. So here goes what's going on here at Minecraftly: Over the past few months, we've been working hard on developing a brand new...
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    For moderators: When advertising the server, please use the format (username) The curve of ( ) makes the link more beautiful.
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    Sneak Peek of the award certificate

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    Great quote of the day

    Henry Ford: "The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time."
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    Added Resource Manager

    Hi guys n gals, I added the Resource Manager. It's an exciting extension that will grow the content of Minecraftly. :) The Minecraftly Resource Manager allows you to manage resources such as files and tutorials or other article-like content along side your normal forum. The aim is allow...
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    "Media" section added

    Hi guys, I recently added media section where you can upload images related to Minecraft. It's great to be used as your personal Minecraft album for free! Try it out and let me know what you think!
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    Disguise as Players

    We just added a new feature for MEOW rank, it is being able to disguise as other players. How to use? Type /d p {username of the player} To undisguise, type /u Enjoy!
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    Avatars update

    We recently changed the way avatar works: Avatars are outsourced to the cloud. CDN optimized connection. Unlimited storage, so we don't need any disk space to store avatars. Please re-upload all avatars and see them load faster. :) Link to avatar page:
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    About avatars not working.

    Just a quick update, So ever since we moved the forums to Google Cloud, avatars were not working because of architecture differences. I've hired some body to create a forum software to fix this. All avatars will be uploaded and shown properly soon.
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    Updates for September 26, 2015

    Maximum /speed is increased for MEOW rank. During /pvp mode, speed is reset back to 1. It makes PVP fair. Added a broadcast message when player turns pvp off. Creative mode is added. Type /warp creative to get started. Each person has a plot of 256x256x256 New spawn! Websites, forums and servers...
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    Transition Plan

    We're almost done with the cloud server at, and we have an ambitious plan of making cloud server the main server for Minecraftly because of: Scalability: It can scale to thousands of servers within minutes automatically, all I and @iKeirNez have to do is focus on the code and setting...
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    Job Application Guidelines

    Dear all, We've been trying to grow the size of our moderation team for a while. These includes moderators, helpers, and our entire staff team. We were reluctant to seek such expansion earlier due to of the lack of strict filtering we had, but now we're sure we have it covered. We always want...
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    How moderators can help

    Let's brainstorm, what are some ways that you can help with the followings: Enriching the content of the website. Our contents are not that diverse, and need more work. Getting more players to sign up on the website. This involves your hustling and your creativity. If you can go out there to...
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    Polls: Do you want more ranks?

    Short link to this post: Hey all, I'm thinking of adding more premium ranks to the server, so everyone can afford a rank at different price point. We recently move all of our servers to a cloud computing infrastructure, which means our network is better, people from far...
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    List of Schools

    Here's a list of schools and their members participated in Global Dream School project: Experimental High School Location: Hanoi, Vietnam Teacher(s): Toan Nguyen Captain(s): Darsilva Builders: Gjang Delhi Public School Location: Ghaziabad, India Captain: Pranav Ashutosh Builders...
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    How to use Minecraftly Edu server

    Minecraftly Edu is reserved for educational entities registered via our Microsoft Partners in Education. In this server, each school's captain and their team members can claim a plot, build their school, and showcase it to other people. First and foremost, download Minecraft Offline Client...
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    Hyperscale Minecraft Server Blueprint

    Introductions I've thought about a solution for this for quite a long time. I've come to a conclusion that we should make something we can be very proud of, and extend the Minecraft experience like no one has ever done before. Hyperscale Minecraft survival server is possible. Imagine the...
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    Welcome Eli to this private section!

    Hey guys, I want to introduce you to McProHosting's partner relations manager, Eli. His forum name is @Virtual_R3ality. He is a great person and has been helping us with partnering up with McProHosting and get those high performance machines at PhoenixNAP, for which I am deeply grateful for...
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    Plugin Framework

    MinecraftlyBungee One plugin Will contain a user management system if needed (we’ll see if it’s required) Can scale to be compatible with RedisBungee (sync cross bungee) in the future. Ability to seen players globally via /seen. Based on Essentials /seen command. Teleport cross servers: /tp...
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    Team Members (as of March 5, 2015)

    You will be officially announced properly when everything for the new server set and ready for when released. If you have other works other than this server and need recommendation, simply let me know and I'll gladly help. @minecraftly: Owner @Mallace: General Manager @iKeirNez...
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    Survival network infrastructure

    Moved to
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    New Spawn Build Team

    Hello guys and gals, I'm going to announce one of a few good news Some of you are probably aware, we are going to have a new spawn for the expansion of our server. We have been operating as one server for quite a few months now, and things are going great. By popular demand, I understand that...
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    Planned servers

    Each number represents one machine. According to MCProHosting, who will be hosting our servers via PhoenixNAP, all servers are able to connect to the others via private interface. It helps us reduce bandwidth and save cost for MCPH, while securing our backend network. 1a. BungeeCord BungeeCord...
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    Server growth, moving forward, dealing with abuse

    Hi guys and gals of the Minecraftly community, It's been 6 months since the server is has launched and I have loved every minute of it! I want to take this opportunity to give you some quick announcements so you are aware of where we currently are, where we are moving forward to, and what steps...
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    Welcome to the team!

    Congratulations! You are officially a unique part of the team that has been and will be building an awesome Minecraft community that focuses on delivering users the most inclusive and happiest experience possible. This welcome area is for you to understand more about the company's formal...
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    Happy New Year! #Minecraftly2k15

    Guys and gals, I wish you a joyous Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year in 2015! I sincerely thank you for contributions to the community this year and are extremely grateful for the role we play in ensuring your success. Here at Minecraftly, we love Minecraft with a passion, and, while...
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    Hello, You are here because you want to report somebody for abuse, and/or you believe the person has wronged you in any way. This post is to make your process easier and help us help you faster. First, please review our Terms of Services at For most abuse reports, you are...
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    How an increase in money per vote helps make the economy in server more exciting!

    Hey guys and gals, I'm sure you already noticed that you got $10 instead of $1 per vote as of yesterday. I have received some feedbacks and I'm glad that you guys love it! If you are interested in reading more about the reasons and how it makes the economy system more exciting in the server...
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    Complete guides to all ranks!

    Check out VIP ranks, pets, disguises, reward crates and treasures: This is the most comprehensive list of ranks and what they can do in in increasing order. Higher ranks inherit everything that lower ranks have. If you see I missed anything, please let me know so I can have...
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    Update for the week of December 15, 2014

    Hi guys! Holidays season is approaching. Everything's so exciting right now! I have personally hustling and doing my best to fix all the bugs I can to give you a pleasant holidays. Plot Bug - fixed! The previously known spawn plot bug that have been keeping me up for weeks is fixed. Spawn...
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    Christmas Adventure is here!

    Happy Holidays! Type /warp xmas to go to the North Pole! Apply for Access to the North Pole Simply visit the link above and reply to that thread with your username (CASE SENSITIVE). After a few hours, you will be able to access the Northpole! Rewards for finishing the adventure: Christmas...
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    December updates and improvement plan.

    Hi guys and gals! It's been a few months since the server was first released to the public. Since then, I've been working every single day to monitor, configure, provide support, and anything else l can do to support this great community. I want to thank you everyone here for being the most...
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    My custom made skins ;)

    I created these 2 skins cus i love colors especially for raving. I hope you like it. And don't hesitate to share your skins, it'd be fun! 1. 2.
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    Pimp My Spawn

    Herro! Ever since the release of Minecraftly server in August 2014, I've received various feedbacks on how to improve my server's spawn. And you are right! My spawn building skill is limited, but I'm very open for feedback and ideas. Many of you have offered to help with spawn renovating as...
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    OptiFine - Minecraft graphics optimization mod

    Duh herro, Let me introduce you to one of the greatest mod for Minecraft, OptiFine. In this thread, I'll show you how to download, install and configure it. What is OptiFine? OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod. It allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD...
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    Lana Del Bae

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    Planned features: Pets and Particles

    Hi kitties, I'll add a paid feature that let you claim a pet by typing /pet. Your pets are greatly customizable, you can name your pet, ride your pet, set your pet as hat, lots of fun stuffs! Right now I'm just waiting for the pet plugin to be fully compatible with the current Minecraft...
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    How to trade and post trade requests

    If you have ever played on a survival/economy server, isn't it frustrating not having a way to trade securely with other players. Usually, you have to throw out items and expect a payment, worrying that the other person might scam you. People often take advantage of it to scam others on...
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    Frequently Answered Questions

    This thread will be used to list some frequently answered questions about the server, community and our future plans. Simply reply to this post with the question that you think is and would be very common. Is it safe signing up? Absolutely! The whole forum is encrypted on the front end and the...
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    GhostgamingYT plays Minecraftly

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    [Server announcement] Plot renting is fully functional

    Hi kitties, Plot renting is back and fully functional again. The plugin that we use on our server to manage land, GriefPrevention, was undergoing major updates, therefore plot renting were unavailable for a while. It was out of our control, my apology for the inconvenience. Since the update...
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    How to introduce yourself

    This is where you can introduce yourself and say hi to other people in the community. Introduce Yourself (please include your Minecraft username in the introduction) The guideline below will help you out on how to introduce yourself and participate in the community! New Thread Formatting...
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    How to get a free subdomain for your Minecraft server

    Do you have a Minecraft server and don't want to use long series of numbers as the main address? We are here to give you your very own subdomain for absolutely free! Request Subdomain Use the link above to apply for a new subdomain of for your Minecraft server. Simply open a new thread...
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    Official music lounge

    Link: Listen together, chat together, and make friends!
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    Getting started

    This section is for you to share and showcase your own server. Share your server Simply create a new thread with your server name, some key features of the server. Write more about your server in the thread content. Let other people participate in your thread.
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    How to set a warp and advertise your warp.

    This section is to advertise your warps, let other people ask questions and suggests things to your warps. Voter can set a warp by typing /warp create {warp name} Privatize your warp: /warp private {warp name} Delete warp: /warp delete {warp name} I've seen that in many survival servers...
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    Welcome to Minecraftly forum!

    Welcome to Minecraftly! This is the first thread ever on Minecraftly! When you first join the server, you will either love it or hate it, and we are okay with that. There are tons of servers out there trying to be the new upcoming server networks. At Minecraftly, we don't try to be the new...