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    Compromise for Cloud/Server

    Thank you for the suggestion. I like this feature and tried to think of a way to implement it before. But it has to depend on scalability of the system in general :P
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    lol the map?!

    I'm sorry to say but the old server is removed. :( I hate to do it too but we had to do it.
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    Download old world map

    Hi guys, For many reasons, the old survival server has to shut down to make way for the new cloud platform. The truth is, a simple survival server isn't what makes Minecraftly big. A cloud platform is, because it's a way to teach people cloud computing via gaming, bridging the gap between old...
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    Announcement about the old server

    Dear all, We all know that Minecraftly started out as a survival Minecraft server, using a single machine to host the game. As time goes by, the idea of having multiple servers (cloud clusters) were developed and was successful. Today, I have a sad announcement to make. After almost 2 years of...
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    Thank you

    No problem!
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    This is for the use of Slack

    Sure thing!
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    lifetime disappeared

    Hi, could you please let me know your username? Thanks.
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    My Server !!!

    Great to know you got it!
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    vip GONE and Problems

    Thanks for contacting us. I fixed it manually for you!! The automatic system was like that and I fixed that too!
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    Bounty Plugin

    Interesting, I'm looking for a plugin for it. If u have recommendation, pls also lemme know!
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    Spawner Clipping

    Hmm, should I remove /jump?
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    Fly Ability lost again????

    Fixed for ya. Thanks!
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    I don't have Vip rank

    You can buy it in the store :)
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    Leh spammers won't be able to global chat anymore.
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    Global Spammers

    Thanks, I'll disable global chat for them in a few