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  • Minecraftly,i baught derp rank about 2 days ago and all i have is /enderchest, I've read the wall thing on what i should have and how to do the commands but it says i need permission,like i can't do /pet wolf or /pet ocelot and i don't have the disguises either,even if i do /d or /disguises all i have is the player disguise witch is useless really.....PLEASE get back to me on this as i am very disappointed....
    oh yea,and idk if i can set 7,but i can set more than one home,I've just tried that now XD
    im stuck in a nether portal it wont tp to nether and its fence with to nether portal and some1 have claimed there
    hey Minecraftly! i have a problem,i bought a house for 146K,but the buyer was still building it,so i didn't claim it yet,but when i went back to the house to go into a chest,it said some one called "Aurora Lights" had claimed it! i haven't been able to contact Aurora,but i really need this house back,as i have demolished my old one,and i have also spent most of my money buying this new one! thanks. -ETZIOlonzza
    Direct contact minecraftly to find out what happened
    Hey man I got Muted for saying bad words to someone they muted me for that reason I don't think its bad and I am very sorry but the person I said bad words to said nasty things back and didn't get muted dude that's not fair u cant say your muting me because I said bad words but ignore it when someone else does it I just demand justice
    How are is everyone*Minecraftly am going out mom *Mom: did u clean your room *Minecraftly: yes *mom: did u brush your teeth *Minecraftly; yes *Mom did u make your bed *Minecraftly: yes *Mom did u take out the tras..... *Minecraftly WHY U GOT SO MANY THING TO SAY *Me: xD happen all the time
    Hey mly,
    my cousins accidentally married spiderman_alwyn on my account and i cant divorce him bc he plays on a different server now.
    can u plz help my username is : XxDevilliciousxX
    You can divorce him by doing /marry divorce
    Hi Minecraftly, I have messaged you quiet a lot lately for one reason. I need my meow rank back. I've been waiting for a week now and a lot of other players have there meow back. Heres the ID and the date of which I purchased it. If you could please please please message me back then it would make me feel much better. Transaction ID: 07R65455AE782852N Username: Twistnet831 Date: 25th July 2015 23:38 -Twistnet831
    Hey I had bought "Meow" Rank a few weeks ago, and when I logged in I didnt have it. Also I dont have permission to do anything. Thanks. :p :D
    It must've ran out, direct contact him to find out why.
    Mly I really need help mly shows its up and u can go in but when I try joing it says "cant connect to server"? I have tried restarting my minecraft I can get on other servers too.... HALPPP PLZZZZ ty ;D D:
    After last when the server closed I went on it to work on my warp and I did my warp name and it said it is not a real warp what should I do
    Um Minecraftly I have a suggestion to put in your server. Well in the plugin where you get tpa and all that stuff, the is a command called /tppos, this command allows you to teleport anywhere in the server, all you need the the position you want to go, So can you allow anyone to use this command cause it will help to look for lost old claims. Thank You for reading this.
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