CAPTCHA’s Fail to Scale

CAPTCHA is a failure of everything embraced by Open Web thinkers. While I do not blame @GlobalDelight who make great sofware, perhaps this CAPTCHA generated on their site will bring wider-spread awareness as to the social distress, user experience disruption and accessibility baracade thaat this technology causes.

Revoking Retirement

I am formally revoking my retirement and intend to do the following within the limitations medical and behavioral issues have caused. Write articles about a wide range of topics including the transection of media and human behavior Pursue my Ph.D. and share my studies openly, beginning in August of 2021 Author more books, not necessarily […]

Retiring From Web Career

Today I celebrate the formal decision to retire from my career in Web development, education, outreach, advocacy and any other role related to the Web in a public capacity. Next up: Living with and for humans rather than with and for human ideals. I will continue to use the World Wide Web as a tool […]