Of Doctoral Programs and Human Progress

I have been gifted a most precious offer via a dear benefactor. Full scholarship for my Ph.D. I have one program which tops my list, it’s the same school where I received my B.A. Civil Rights, Social Justice, Sustainable policies and systems in education. For more information on this uniqe degree please see https://prescott.edu/sustainability

My studies are now transecting mass media, communications, human behavior, social progress through technoloogy and how to build education systems for all human systems that adapt and include progressive pedagogy and human rights.

I could use insight from all interested. That mass, social communications has directly influenced the meaning of media and how it affects us as individuals, nations and our ecosystems affects us all. I’d love feedback. Prescott College is where I got my B.A. Hardest educational experience in my life. My M.A. wasn’t a breeze, but Prescott pushed me past my own assumptions about education and in ways that help me through life.