FOX News Takes the L FTW!

Firing Bill O’Reilly is the happiest news I’ve heard since prior to Obama being elected president the first time. This, if we last long enough in the interim, may be a sign of firings to come. And I don’t mean missiles, or misdirection on huge bombs while a payload free “non” nuclear test goes on without anyone paying attentionĀ in the Nevada desert. But no one reports on that. Biz as usual.

Hey, conspiracy theories aside, the fact is we have a long history of say, even the CIA not admitting that Area 51 (and that’s one of many on that base, a mere 65 miles out of Las Vegas) even existed until 2005! Whose to say the next one isn’t deployed armed? Or worse? This regime, and I believe Bill O’Reilly is one of the voices that fueled this fiery hell in which we have found the USA and the world is out to annihilate as many people not like themselves as possible. Of course, once they’re the only ones left, they’ll be figuring out other ways to lessen each other cuz someone’s gotta scrub those gold toilets.

I’d love to get Penn and Teller to debunk a few of those magic tricks! Look over here “great big bomb kills a few in a show of nonsensical force while the other hand drops a real nuclear bomb on its own people.”

If you hadn’t heard about it, you can read up on it using your own source of Fake News. In the meantime, I just about peed my girly panties listening to Colbert (and Colbert) have a hella good time with his/their loving farewell to this pile of human garbage I’ve had shoved in my face in every airport, restaurant, doctors office and waiting room with a TV for the past 15 years.

Fox News, you may just have one bone of journalistic ethics actually intact. Albeit a small and likely we can survive just fine without it bone, but maybe there is one. And that to me smells a little like less like the foul waste of hatred and ridicule to come from that man’s horrid face and disrupted mind and a little more like at least there IS a line. Whether it applies to the current President Lying to State (or is that for, or on, or perhaps in…) is another story for later. Right now, I’m sucking all the sugar outta this sweet moment I can.