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Revoking Retirement

I am formally revoking my retirement and intend to do the following within the limitations medical and behavioral issues have caused.

  • Write articles about a wide range of topics including the transection of media and human behavior
  • Pursue my Ph.D. and share my studies openly, beginning in August of 2021
  • Author more books, not necessarily limited to Web

What I am not going to be doing is working with frameworks or for now, teaching new techniques and methods regarding the Web as it is today.

Please note: This domain remains for sale or lease. Don’t waste time with low-ball offers and no brokers please. If I want another lying, lazy broker I can find plenty on my own.

Retiring From Web Career

Today I celebrate the formal decision to retire from my career in Web development, education, outreach, advocacy and any other role related to the Web in a public capacity.

Next up: Living with and for humans rather than with and for human ideals.

I will continue to use the World Wide Web as a tool for outreach, but as of today, I am not just tired, but finally, finally accepting that it’s time to retire from a career that was truly mind-blowing. As in, it blew MY mind!

Upcoming projects include:

  • “FOR THE GRACE” – A documentary series of conversations with diverse sections of human society to break down barriers of misunderstanding and demystify truths about how people end up on a given path.
  • “THROUGH THE CRACKS” – A first-focus in the proposed FOR THE GRACE documentary focusing on the homeless in the USA.

My current role is to take care of my medical health, to support my family here in Nevada. I will be helping to caregive along with my stepfather my beloved Mother as well as two personal friends who are going through very difficult times and we are healing each other in real-time rather than the amorphous Web.

As I work through the inevitable horrific stacks of paperwork and documents that come along with disability, economic failure, loss of a spouse along with mortal illness in myself and close family and friends, there is an opportunity for me to take advantage of the V.A. programs if they continue to exist by the time the paperwork is in to return to school, where I intend to finish my Ph.D. in Media and its impact on Society, which is where I left off in my studies. This time, however, the focus puts society rather than media first, which was not the way I approached it in earlier academic work.

What I will or won’t accomplish is not the relevant point, what is relevant is that it is clear that my time as the Web’s “Fairy Godmother” is over, and I am very happy to step out of that environment and into one where human beings interact in a much fuller way with one another.

May you all find your way to live long and prosper. I am grateful to the hearts and minds who have allowed me to live, despite its difficulty, an absolutely and utterly extraordinary career experience.

With all my love and forever gratitude, Molly

The DIEt: The No Fail 100% Forever Way to Reach Your Dream Weight!

If you lack sarcasm or are not a native English speaker or have literacy conditions, this is FUNNY. Not real. #FakeNews #Fun

Welcome! Today we want to share a fabulous weight loss program that is 100% guaranteed to help you lose that weight once and forever! Yes, this is the one you’ve heard about – it uses several medications that are FDA approved but have proven to be not only effective in their initial purpose, but as an amazing melter of that extra fatty fat fat!

This is Molly E. Holzschlag, recognized as one of the most influential voices in the World Wide Web’s first 25 years of existence. Her 35 books, countless courses, trainings, talks, articles, videos and other outreach and education advocacy on behalf of this emerging and world-changing teMols at 225 lbschnology helped spark an entire industry, but as you can see, she was not taking very good care of her health and weight as she traveled the world to speak and educate tens of thousands – possibly millions of people – for no profit or self-gain. In this photo,  taken while presenting to graduate students at the University of Georgia, her weight is at her lifetime highest, 230 pounds.

What’s the catch? There’s always a catch. We know it, and you  know it. So let’s get the bad news done with first and then get down to the amazing results. This is not a cheap program as the medications used are extremely specialized and rely on gene therapy – a relatively new approach to the treatment of many medical conditions. That’s it! And we do offer a variety of assistance programs, including a specialty scholarship fund (for folks interested in donating to the scholarship to help offset cost of treatment, see sidebar for donation options).

Okay, so that’s the bad news. NOW we can get to the amazing news! This medical combination, along with a proprietary nutritional supplementation has worked for every single person who has adhered strictly to the rules of the DIEt! That’s correct – every single person on this program has lost weight and that’s not all! Not only will you see results like Molly did, as shown here in present day at 130 pounds – a total of 105 pounds of weight loss. Molly joked with us at our last appointment, remarking “105 pounds? That’s a WHOLE PERSON! Does this mean I’m half the gal I used to be?”

Here are the results. From a US women’s size 18w to a size 6 petite, Molly colored her hair pink and sassy for her “after” pic, writing “I never thought I’d look like this! All I can say is WOW!”

molly photo after weight loss of over 100 pounds

THE BEST PART? Once you complete the program, you will never have to face weight gain again, and be free to eat what you want, when you want and as much of you want for life. That’s right! I know, we couldn’t believe it either but take a look at this incredible result after going through our program! That 235 pound woman now is looking gorgeous at a weight she said she has not been as low as since childhood: 130 pounds. From a US size 18w to a size 6 petite – utterly amazing results – 105 pounds, gone. Forever!

[Disclaimer: The DIEt is not for anyone who is healthy. You must first have a terminal illness to qualify for treatment. And, while costly, and you’ll likely die somewhere along the way, you’re gonna look FABULOUS for that open casket of which you long have dreamed. Oh, also, this entire page, while not untrue, comes with a bit of a warning – don’t ever let anyone do this to you. If you’re still being blasted at 150 at the same dosages at 235 pounds, you will die. Thank you, and we welcome you to the club!]