Grass Roots Access: First Cycle

Hello all!

In an effort to bring accessibility out of the dark and into the mainstream, core aspect of Web applications and engineering, a new, grass-roots, International, volunteer organization is being formed. Together, we will examine what kind of activism or advocacy is necessary at all layers of society to ensure that access to the Web for all people becomes an integral part of professional Web site and application engineering.

If you are interested in joining, please check in with your name, location, and comments. Once we have a critical mass of folks, we’ll discuss building the email/wiki/communication infrastructure before moving on to task lists and ideas.

Come with your heart, your passion. It may not be easy, but it’s been done and done successfully in the years of the Web Standards Project. As one of that mission’s many mothers and fathers, I know that we are capable of bringing about MASS change.

The WaSP has closed its doors, believing the mission it set out to do is enough. I don’t agree – Web standards is still not reaching core infrastructure in many places, but the fact is we’re maturing beyond just standards. We now have a realized Open Web Stack, and are able to begin looking at standards as merely a portion, albeit a significant one, of a movement not over, but merely just begun.

I look forward to what we can do together!


Color: Designing for a Global User Experience

Come join me July 24th for an online Webinar on using color in global design!

“Designing with color often is a matter of personal preference. But your success in designing a usable, accessible, and internationalized website relies upon your understanding of the physiology, sociology, and color perceptions of your users.”

Learn more and get registered today via the User Interface Engineering Virtual Seminars site.


Inside the CSS WG: A New Reality Series

I’m pleased to announce my new series of interviews published by the wonderful Bath, U.K. based .net Magazine, called “Inside the CSS Working Group.”

“Step with me behind the curtain into the W3C CSS Working Group. Historically filled with challenges, the group has grown into one of the most productive, powerhouse working groups in the W3C’s history. What happened to bring about this change? To provide insight, and encourage web folks to participate more in Working Groups in general, let’s turn up the house lights on some very diverse people: CSS WG individuals, who will over this series reveal their independent, as well as global, vision for CSS, and for the web.”

Enjoy the full article on .net Magazine online.