Tech Talk: The Web we Deserve

I’m really excited to do my first talk with The Collab Lab this coming January 27th, 2021. The event is free and online. More information and RSVP is available via the link later in this post. Please join us this January 27th for my first tech talk in a long, long time (Online). “The Web […]

CAPTCHA’s Fail to Scale

CAPTCHA is a failure of everything embraced by Open Web thinkers. While I do not blame @GlobalDelight who make great sofware, perhaps this CAPTCHA generated on their site will bring wider-spread awareness as to the social distress, user experience disruption and accessibility baracade thaat this technology causes.

Revoking Retirement

I am formally revoking my retirement and intend to do the following within the limitations medical and behavioral issues have caused. Write articles about a wide range of topics including the transection of media and human behavior Pursue my Ph.D. and share my studies openly, beginning in August of 2021 Author more books, not necessarily […]