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photo of molly being mischievious Molly E. Holzschlag, known to many as “mollydotcom” or just plain “Mols” is an author, teacher and Open Web Evangelist. She has spent the majority of her 25 years in IT working with the Internet, and observed the Web emerge and evolve from its first days at CERN.
She has spent the years since educating herself and others about the Web, its languages, and its core philosophies.

Currently an invited expert to the W3C, Molly works globally to connect consumers, businesses, Web designers, developers, browser implementors and tool makers; encouraging cultural diplomacy, technical interoperability and professional excellence.

Honored by multiple organizations and sites as one of the most influential women on the Web, a long-time friend and colleague once quipped “If Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the Web, than Molly is its fairy godmother.”

Warm, colorful, and interested in everyone’s stories and successes, be sure to say hello at an event or on Twitter: @mollydotcom


Analysis of need and creation of company standards & best practices; Expert training in front-end Web development with HTML, HTML5, XHTML and CSS; Web project management, interoperability, quality assurance, search engine optimization, social and community strategies and brand-building, standards and practices advocacy, Accessibility/Section 508 analysis, large-scale web site management, scalability and long-term growth planning; change management; community management.


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  1. Howdy-Molly—Molly has long been my favourite name-as a child i had a lovely aunt so named-she gave me 12.5 pence-a coin called ‘half a crown’-as i was begging for fireworks money in 1960s London-a common thing in those days-i would have a makeshift dummy propped up on the pavement and kids would say ”penny for the guy please?”-as in Guy Falwks who nearly blew up the houses of parliament-im doing the history bit as i dont know if your British-i keep thinking i want to join the community camped at st.pauls-not sure if i could take my dog–Molly !-Peace and Love-Des

  2. I am very new to web world and taken a course from lynda.com. Css for Designers I liked the tutorial very much.thanks to you for such a great tutorial.Is there any other tutorial like that which explains same points from todays standards.

  3. Dear Ms. Molly,

    I came across the link “A Selection of Supported Features in HTML5 (http://molly.com/html5/html5-0709.html)” on the page “23 Essential HTML 5 Resources ()” by Ryan Carson and it does not work. Please let me if there is another way to access this resource.

    Thank You,

    Madhukar Reddy Degapudi

  4. through angus forbes’ suggestion, I am contacting you to know if you’d like to contribute to / participate in a pechakucha-style event Thursday Aprill 11th in Tucson on the topic of mobility.

  5. all this time can not find your email= less able… still alive…..struggling to keep the brain working despite surgery, strokes, and severe depression. time closes in on us it seems – the inhumanity and oppressive hate of some in this world at times overwhelms. as in the recent and past atrocities …. and I thought I had run out of tears. feverish sleep brings back memories I wished none of the children and next generations would not have to know.

    • Ray,

      Hopefully there is a positive way to wake up our fellow citizens who have fallen into “Social Unconsciousness” is a non violent way. Someone mentioned to me to research “The Singing Revolution” I still need to do this. I did watched a good documentary on Netflix callled “I AM”, created by a man who directed many of Jim Carey Movies, it had a very good message. Obtaining wealth did not make this man happy and after a painful injury and long road back to gaining relief and recovery he realized the basic truth is “Less is More”. He now promotes living life by enjoying and caring for our environment and animals. Check it out!
      Have you found any good websites, video’s or groups you may suggest for me to review.

      Everyone has Value! Let someone know how you appreciate them today!


  6. Hi Molly I’ve had the good fortune to go through the Css title which U done with Mr. Andy Clarke. It was great fun & enlightening to watch that videos. I’m still a struggling Multimedia professional. I would like to be in touch with you.

  7. Hi Molly,

    I’m very new to coding and only started learning back at Christmas. So far I absolutely love it! Initiatives you’re involved in like the W3C CSS Working Group and Ladies Who Code are amazing, the developer community needs more people like you :)

    I’m reaching out to you because the company I work for, Codio, is trying to improve the way coding is taught. We’re extremely concerned about the terrible way that coding is (not) being taught in our schools. We’re raising support and awareness for a campaign that aims to change the way the next generation of developers learn how to code.

    We’re proposing a radical change to today’s rigid curricula – let the teaching and development community to take charge! We’re advocating to apply collaborative and open source principles to solve this problem. We have put together a complete (and free!) teaching/learning platform and strategy that consists of a web based IDE along with some major features for creating rich and interactive tutorials. Full details are available here.

    If this is a campaign you believe in then we need your support. Any form of encouragement is appreciated, whether registering your support at https://codio.com/s/education/ or by spreading the word..

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue – any feedback, good or bad, is welcome!

    Best regards,


  8. hey folks!

    Best place to regularly interact with me is on Twitter. My user name is @mollydotcom and if you tweet w/ questions or topics or ways I can be of service, I will respond reasonably quickly :)


  9. #include
    using namespace std ;
    int main ()
    string = “molly”;

    cout << "you are the best dog in the world" << molly << endl ;

    system ("pause");
    return 0 ;

  10. Just wanted to say Hi. I was out trying to figure out some stuff about building websites and trying to teach myself about web hosting vs domain registration. It’s all so confusing. When I was searching for a name for my site, I decided to put my name in to see if it was available ad stumbled on yours. When I saw what you did for a living that was even more weird. I too was in IT before I was injured and retired on disability. I miss it so much. Looks like you found a way to do what I love to do from home. Kudos to you. I just thought I would say Hi, one Molly to another. You don’t see too many of us around. I love my name. I was named after a great grand mother Mary Ann Maloney, but she went by Molly, and my grandfather on the other side, Francis Maurice. So I ended up with Mary Frances Cartwright, But I go by Molly like my Nana did. My Mother always told me she wanted me to have a proper name in the rare instance I may want to become a Nun. Like that was ever gonna happen. Sorry to see you are sick. I regularly have donate platelets and red blood cells at the blood bank since I turned 18, 51 now. Its nice to finally see where they go. Hope you are doing well. I wish you luck in your healing and wellness.
    Molly, AKA Mary Frances

  11. Molly, just put in search Hyperthymic and you came up with details of the condition. Its me EVERY SINGLE point is ME !!!!! Plus i would add a couple of unusual traits to my regular nature you haven’t mentioned, that i have adopted OR has adopted me since ‘the change” came over me.
    Increased appetite, though I can go long periods without food, if busy with duties, cleaning,solving problems, work, sport, outings or generally saving the world as it feels i now have the ability now and strive to do everyday. All the while whilst LOOSING noticeable weight. Others have noticed this weight loss and my clothes at regular size 10 now fall around me.
    Alcohol also….i never drank prior to the change ! Well i say never but after having my children some 20yrs ago drinking alcohol became a chore, not enjoyable and unnecessary, one glass of wine would do me for some 3-4hours if we were out. A glass of wine with my partner over dinner would never be finished. But now as try to wind down after work the first thing on entering the house is a glass of red and before i retire for the night i may have had 3 in total, finding them enjoyable and feeling the slower pace they bring me with every glass.
    As for libido…ha ha was non existent prior to my change… well not non existent but with massage and foreplay being a required formula to dissolve the day and the kids etc BUT now just to think of being with my man requires a phone call and we have met up in the most unusual places just to forfil MY needs. Sex texting (never before the change) and prolonged periods of not leaving the bedroom and still i feel this is not enough. He is baffled to say the least.
    I have recently been away with girlfriends and on 2 nights out came so close to leaving with someone i had met on the night…never in 13 years have i looked or lusted after anyone but my partner. I am aware of this desire. My girlfriends, to say the least were surprised and know this is not my usual character. Baffled also.
    Girlfriends and colleagues in general are confused by my heightened happiness and ability to do more and more and solve all situations of daily problems and give quick and simplified resolutions to both mine and THEIR concerns. My ability of problem solving and not putting off the things that need to be done, has always been a good part of my nature but recently this is done with such speed as I reason so much faster now.
    How can this be bad ? As you mentioned. Already i realize i’m too much to take in large doses. Indeed when its time to leave a gathering, sporting event, work etc everyone jokes (out loud) thank goodness you’re leaving Di…luv ya c ya later…hmmm this is happening more and more.
    My own children get annoyed by my cheerful and simplistic answers to their personal or work problem. “You are always up beat Mum, life isn’t always roses as you see it”.
    Anyway gpod to chat…could go on and on

    Kindest Regards Di
    Look forward to any response :)

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  14. Dear Molly, best wishes to you, health and hopefully you are doing well!
    The internet says thanks for your work in so many years, hope you get a lot of donations and presents!

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  16. Hello Molly

    Thank you for the lovely poetry.

    Normally I don’t comment on blogs I find, but your poetry struck me :)

    And you are your poetry. So I wanted to say hello.

    Who am I? Just some small time web guy in Louisville KY. That likes stuff like “Turbulence” and “The Life of The Gods”.

  17. Here is another Molly visitor who came by way of searching what turns up when you Google your name plus .com. How lovely to see an educated woman, read your poetry and marvel at your intellect. Myself…a very plain person, cheerful and not especially smart but also named Molly. Lovely to ‘meet’ you—have a wonderful springtime.

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