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Molly E. Holzschlag has spent a career contributing to various aspects of the Open Web, whether at a W3C Working Group Meeting, on the stage, running an Open Web Conference, teaching seminars or leading the Web Standards Project through the most difficult time of un-interoperable Web browsers in history thus far.

Her work with the Project resulted in two F2F meetings with Bill Gates for resolution of IE6 compliance issues. She has written 35 books including “The Zen of CSS Design” with CSS Zen Garden creator Dave Shea and hundreds of articles, interviews as well as audio and video learning materials.

Molly is the recipient of many awards, including a Fluent Web Platform Award, .NET Award for Outstanding Contributions, and has received the honor in 2016 with U.S.Congressional Special Recognition for technology contributions to state and nation.

Greybeard O’Reilly folk will remember her as Executive Editor of Web Review when it moved from Songline studios to CMP.

Engaging, funny and relentless, Molly’s grass-roots defense of Open Web is legendary and remains a passionate place in the unfolding of our industry.

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    1. Jane, this is not a provider of services and is up for sale or lease. It is a blog. Your participation is welcome, as is your decision to withdraw participation. I do not know what to do to help you not be exposed to a web site you are going to voluntarily. If, however, you suspect foul play, please email me directly mholzschlag at gmail dot com. Otherwise, I would remove it from lists and bookmarks but I cannot do so. You can, however. Or just do not click on this blog/domain. – there are many wonderful resources- take initiative is my thought- figure out what you want to do Web wise and ask others you know to trust. Good luck and all success to you!

  1. Dear Molly Holzschlag,

    I am currently conducting research on the history of web formats in my position at University of Bonn, Germany. I already interviewed Bert Bos, John Allsopp and Håkon Wium Lie. I have some questions after reading some historical ressources on your history with CSS and the work on the book “The Zen of CSS Design” that I would like to ask you in the context of my research. Would it be ok for you to if I would aks you some questions that came up in my research project regarding the history of CSS via mail? Please feel free to contact me if you have any further question.

    Kind Regards
    Sebastian Randerath

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