Retiring From Web Career

Today I celebrate the formal decision to retire from my career in Web development, education, outreach, advocacy and any other role related to the Web in a public capacity.

Next up: Living with and for humans rather than with and for human ideals.

I will continue to use the World Wide Web as a tool for outreach, but as of today, I am not just tired, but finally, finally accepting that it’s time to retire from a career that was truly mind-blowing. As in, it blew MY mind!

Upcoming projects include:

  • “FOR THE GRACE” – A documentary series of conversations with diverse sections of human society to break down barriers of misunderstanding and demystify truths about how people end up on a given path.
  • “THROUGH THE CRACKS” – A first-focus in the proposed FOR THE GRACE documentary focusing on the homeless in the USA.

My current role is to take care of my medical health, to support my family here in Nevada. I will be helping to caregive along with my stepfather my beloved Mother as well as two personal friends who are going through very difficult times and we are healing each other in real-time rather than the amorphous Web.

As I work through the inevitable horrific stacks of paperwork and documents that come along with disability, economic failure, loss of a spouse along with mortal illness in myself and close family and friends, there is an opportunity for me to take advantage of the V.A. programs if they continue to exist by the time the paperwork is in to return to school, where I intend to finish my Ph.D. in Media and its impact on Society, which is where I left off in my studies. This time, however, the focus puts society rather than media first, which was not the way I approached it in earlier academic work.

What I will or won’t accomplish is not the relevant point, what is relevant is that it is clear that my time as the Web’s “Fairy Godmother” is over, and I am very happy to step out of that environment and into one where human beings interact in a much fuller way with one another.

May you all find your way to live long and prosper. I am grateful to the hearts and minds who have allowed me to live, despite its difficulty, an absolutely and utterly extraordinary career experience.

With all my love and forever gratitude, Molly

10 Replies to “Retiring From Web Career”

  1. I want to say thank you for everything that you have done. You are truly appreciated not just for the work, but for being you.

  2. Love and thanks to you dear Mols. Wishing you joy and contentment on your new path. I hope it brings you peace. xx

  3. Thank you for everything Molly. I hope you have a relaxing retirement filled with laughter and friends. I keep hoping that my travels will take me to Arizona so I can see you and maybe have another museum trip with you. That remains one of my favorite memories from the many conferences I’ve attended.

  4. Hey Mols!

    Thank you for all you’ve done for the Web and for its inhabitants. I look forward to seeing what you do next. <3

  5. Thank you for everything that you have done, Molly. Like many commenting here I owe a lot to what you have done. I started advocating for web standards when I was still a teenager, devouring everything I could. That included quite a lot of what you wrote.

    I’ve gone through hardships myself in recent years, and from similar circumstances I understand a bit of what you’re going through. Hang in there. I really hope you’re able to continue on with your plans.

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