What’s Next? Restore and Return to my Blog?

Anything is possible, so it’s been said. What do you think about this?

I really wanted to sell it and get the heck out of debt and unless there’s a Deus Ex Machina from an ethical and non-pornographic source (y’all will need to wait ’til I’m dead for a while before that happens to my site) I have the domain.

Of course, returning to the blog means even more concentrated long-form rants containing my unique form of “love with a bloody edge.” [1]. Not that I’m one for expressing my opinions though, so maybe no one will actually notice?

Therapeutic for me is sometimes completely traumatic to others.

Shall we see what happens?

[1] ALL the exes 😀

9 Replies to “What’s Next? Restore and Return to my Blog?”

  1. Few months back, I got the idea to learn HTML and create a web page, God knows the reason, however. I was in complete darkness and found your book “Special Edition Using HTML 4” in an old books store. I even didn’t know it is an older version. I started reading it. This is quite interesting. Naturally, I longed to see some more from you and I opened this page. There is a state of disappointment. I can’t bear it, really!

  2. Like Khan, I too was looking at one of (your?) books and saw a page with the domain molly.com and typed it in, to find… 4 posts? What happened to you, hon?

    1. A 30 year illness misdiagnosed and mistreated, finally took me out of the game. I am a bone marrow failure disease patient and living on life extension. That’s what happened to me.

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