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Moving My Birthday

Picture of Molly with Buzz Cut
As many friends are aware, I got off a flight in Los Angeles in July on my way home from OpenWebCamp and had to go to the hospital. At the Emergency Room, it was found my platelets were very low and my blood and GI systems were failing. With the help of friends and my family I got cleared to travel on to Tucson.

I finally got home and since July 15, 2013 have been in bed undergoing life-extending treatment. Those who find me overly chatty will laugh – I have about enough available oxygen to talk for 2 minutes and I’ll pass out from anemia in the middle of conversations! 😉

So in lieu of birthday wishes, presents and acknowledgements I offer the following options if you’re in the mood to send some ongoing love to yer Mols.

Direct donations

  • to a small managed trust which is used to pay for uncovered medical costs and life needs while out of work. DONATE DIRECT TO MOLLY’S CARE NOW
  • whether a 2 buck headscarf or a two thousand dollar TV – hanging in bed for a year is boring. You can help me make me a little more comfy with anything from my AMAZON WISHLIST
  • Anything else can be sent to: Molly.Com, Inc. / 3661 North Campbell Avenue / PMB 593 / Tucson, Arizona USA 85719. Note that if you are considering sending food, tea and gourmet items please check first as I am on an extremely restricted diet. Thanks!

Actions You Can Take

  • If you are healthy and live in a country where you can donate blood and blood products, please consider doing so at a recognized, legitimate clinic or hospital.
  • Many athletes run for “the cause” – if you are a performance athlete, consider raising awareness via an athletic or related event for blood diseases and cancers. A few folks have done runs in my name, with proceeds going to a variety of illnesses
  • Bake Sale! Have a bake sale (careful you WA and CO legal recreational marijuana consumers, no dosing the goodies without full disclosure, k? ;)) We don’t want anyone walking into a wall and causing more bleeding issues.
  • Add your own here!

You can then put those donations toward the #MollyFund, share with your favorite charities and pay our good health forward!

My main goal right now is getting through the days. I owe my friends and colleagues my very life and y’all need to know how grateful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



One thought on “Moving My Birthday

  1. Carolina Ramon-Snead

    Hi Molly,
    I know how you feel, I am going through the same thing! I have had 6 hospitalizations and 40+ blood transfusions. I have myelodysplastic syndrome, causing me to be extremely anemic and at times have a hard time breathing, water on my lungs and bloating because my kidneys are at 40% functioning. My husband has really been my guardian angel helping me consistently with everything. So much more to share with you so when you get the chance, contact me at my personal email: artistspirit@yahoo.com.

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