Grass Roots Access: First Cycle

Hello all!

In an effort to bring accessibility out of the dark and into the mainstream, core aspect of Web applications and engineering, a new, grass-roots, International, volunteer organization is being formed. Together, we will examine what kind of activism or advocacy is necessary at all layers of society to ensure that access to the Web for all people becomes an integral part of professional Web site and application engineering.

If you are interested in joining, please check in with your name, location, and comments. Once we have a critical mass of folks, we’ll discuss building the email/wiki/communication infrastructure before moving on to task lists and ideas.

Come with your heart, your passion. It may not be easy, but it’s been done and done successfully in the years of the Web Standards Project. As one of that mission’s many mothers and fathers, I know that we are capable of bringing about MASS change.

The WaSP has closed its doors, believing the mission it set out to do is enough. I don’t agree – Web standards is still not reaching core infrastructure in many places, but the fact is we’re maturing beyond just standards. We now have a realized Open Web Stack, and are able to begin looking at standards as merely a portion, albeit a significant one, of a movement not over, but merely just begun.

I look forward to what we can do together!


44 thoughts on “Grass Roots Access: First Cycle

  1. Sarah Bourne

    I’m in! I was feeling discouraged and swamped this week. You just can’t get very far one person at a time, yet that’s just what so many of us do. I’m ready for some Concerted Effort!

  2. Pamela Riesmeyer

    Hi Molly,
    I’m in Schererville, Indiana, just outside Chicago and right now I’m on contract with Purdue University Calumet as their Web Accessibility Coordinator. I’m excited about joining in this effort. I see the correlation between the goals of the Web Standards Project and the goals for this and I think there is great potential for following some of the same methods used by WASP. I’m looking forward to success!

  3. Deborah

    Count me in! This week’s Wall Street Journal article pointed out we need to increase our efforts to be more inclusive and to educate.

  4. Marc Drummond

    Very interested in learning how I can help with this. With a six month old, my time is limited, but access for all is a real passion of mine, so if I can help, I’d like to. I’m in still-snowy Minnesota!

  5. missuze

    I’m in! Accessibility always seems to be a bit of an afterthought from my experience, and that needs to change. Happy to help/contribute in any way I can…
    Suze x
    (Oxford, UK)

  6. Steve Buell

    Much progress has been made in the development of standards. The next tasks can be pivotal in accessibility.

  7. Dana Whittle

    Yes! Me too. I’m a wb designer/dev in (French) Québec, Canada and getting involved in dev for visually impaired clientele; this is important; count me in!

  8. Stuart Auton

    Hello Molly
    Count me in. Still on the steep part of the curve accessibility-wise but gaining traction.
    Looking forward to discussing how I might be able to contribute.
    Cheers – Stuart
    Exeter, UK

  9. Joe Dolson

    I’m in. Don’t know how much time I can make, but I’m in. Snowy MN here, too…

  10. Leeky

    Sounds like a fantastic idea, count me in! It’s all to easy as web designers and developers to be distracted by the whizz-bang of SVG, animation, video, geolocation etc and complete ignore accessibility. I know I’ve been guilty of this!

  11. Kevin Rydberg

    I am currently transitioning out of HighEd web, and into a position of building awareness and resources for accessibility. This is a perfect opportunity for me to learn more from the best, most passionate group I know! I’m happy to throw my hat into the ring!

  12. Michelle

    I’m in. I’ll probably only have time to watch what’s going on and write about it, but I’ll do my best to help out.

  13. mollydotcom Post author

    Wow, I am so delighted and impressed! I’ll let a few more days go by as we collect interested folks and then we can begin to discuss building out our communications infrastructure.

    I suggest a main mailing list, a public wiki to start. From there, we can create a name, web site and begin discussing various ideas for action.

    So very honored and truly delighted to see so many folks from around the world willing to jump in. I’m especially glad that people see this as an opportunity to learn as well as give – that’s exactly the core of any activism effort – we help each other as we help the world.

    Long live the idealists, optimists and people willing to give of their time and skill to uplifting humanity as well as professional excellence!


  14. Ruth

    Hi there Molly,
    Count me in! I’m also interested in how this may work with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

    Ruth (Australia)

  15. David Thomas

    I’m in, I’m not sure what help I can be, as a hobbyist, rather than pro, web-dev, but if I can be of help, I’d love to join in and do what I can. So, that’s at least one from Sheffield in the UK. =)

  16. Sylvia Egger

    I am in too – since it is more important than ever to get a11y into such things as html & css frameworks, rwd and web applications frameworks.

    greetings from cologne – germany.

  17. Birkir Gunnarsson

    I’m in. Despite a lot of significant advancements we still have a long way to go, and this sounds like something that might be worth one’s while.

  18. Elle Waters

    You know I’m in… my bag has been packed for this journey for quite some time. Let’s talk more in Austin next month about how to weave all these cords of advocacy into one unbreakable rope.

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