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Happy New Year 2012

Many of us will agree that 2011 was a really, truly, horribly fucked up year.

This little bit of whimsy from Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who most will agree are really, truly, wonderfully adorable humans, represents the sweetness upon which I hope and pray 2012 will be built.

I love you all, and hope for peace, prosperity, well-being and joy for all the days of your lives.


2011 In Review: The most productive year in CSS?

I have decent vision and I can't even explain what I'm looking at. Regions, CSS"

A short wrap of the year in CSS. Note: I wrote this in U.S. English, but bless my English editors, it all ends up in English.

“Known for drama, the CSS Working Group left those days behind in 2011. Armed with revisions to the group’s charter, strengthening of leadership, expansion of the group’s active members, a more open public face and the wise application of modularisation, 2011 may have been the most productive year in CSS yet.”

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Enjoy! Or argue (don’t beat me up, just the ideas, I’m sensitive!) – comments here or after you leave me.


Cats Haz Discovered Teh Transporter

CATS HAZ DISCOVERED teh transporter. Cats have not only discovered how transporters work, but now lay their sleepy laws down u-paw-n all humanz.

Lolcat transporter...  it messes up alot.....

Don’t know what transpired between now and then, but I do await with bait breath for any breaking mews.