Net Awards: Outstanding Contribution

Molly holding her net awardAs folks who saw my recorded speech at the London event of this year’s Net Awards know, I can’t even say thanks without starting to blubber all over the place. And tears falling on a MacBook Pro do not a happy day make.

To that end, may I just say thank you to all the many named and un-named designers, developers and folks working to build The Web to an ethic and quality that Net Magazine itself has showcased throughout the years.

There are many unsung heroes out there – tens of thousands. Maybe millions? I got lucky getting in so early and being able to work with countless (the list is far more than my poor memory can manage) incredibly influential humans as my mentors and mentresses. I am also a very squeaky wheel and demand attention! Nevertheless, we’re doing this together, and that’s what makes it challenging and ultimately, so truly rewarding.

The real thanks goes to all humans working on the idea that the world can be uplifted, communications improved and our personal and global needs, desires, goals and dreams be clarified and made manifest.

Thank You.
Thank You.
Thank You.


The Awkward Limbo of Now

Picture of molly in september 2015Hi folks,

I’ve been away from social media a lot due to health issues. I wanted to write an update as some friends were expressing concern. So here’s the what’s what, in short-ish and long-ish form.

I am asking again for ongoing assistance with the costs of my specialized medical insurance so I can continue somehow defraying the overwhelming cost of life-saving medicines and the absolute best oncologist in Tucson, none of which comes cheap (over 2,000 USD a month sometimes with insurance, which costs on top of that. If that makes no sense to you, you probably do not live in the USA!). I also am not able to work and not ready to give in to the possibility that I might never be able to again, so despite being married now, which provides a great deal of comfort in all areas of my life, I do feel the need to contribute something toward household expenses.

So, for those pressed for time or simply not interested in the agonizing details (trust me, I’m not, but I’m living it, and this here is my blog! 😉 ) here’s some quick info for donations:

  • ThanksMols GoFundMe Campaign: For tax deductible donations, monthly donations, corporate donations,
  • Paypal to my name: For direct donations to me as a gift, Molly, at my name dot com,
  • Real-Life Mailing Address: For that shipment of fine black (no green, alas, they are too effective at cleansing the blood. Give the green varietals to your friends with high cholesterol!) teas and coffees you just have to send:
Molly E. Holzschlag
3661 North Campbell Avenue PMB 593
Tucson Arizona USA 85719

I have written a lot of details regarding my life and medical circumstances in this post, as I begin to make sense out of a nonsensical situation. I’m also working to outline the story for the fundraising pages, which aren’t up to date and were written by caring people who didn’t have all the info as the blurry story of “WTF happened to Mols?” unfolded.

The good news is I can lay my head down at night not fearing that I will be on the street begging for a few days until I caught someone’s cold and died, which was a seriously overwhelming fear to have. To not have that fear has given me a real chance at overall better health, too, because I’m not so stressed that I can’t sleep or eat. I still don’t eat (unless it’s in a Ben & Jerry’s container, but that’s a different issue) but I am sleeping more and when I do, I sleep peacefully, and protected.

If an unexamined life isn’t worth living, than my life is hyper-worthy. My fine analytic skills can unravel and explain the most complex of ideas, but of course applying them to oneself is the real hat trick! How did I come to be such a fucked up human who is also deeply in love with humanity and wants to, for some unknown reason, be normal (whatever that is) but has nonetheless utterly failed at normalcy?

At this point, those who care not to look inside my diary (as it were, obviously there’s no lock on mine!) or cannot handle Too Much Data (TMD) and self-analytics should probably take their leave, because the story gets depressing for a while, and truth be told, this is my therapy and have my way with it I shall! 😛

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